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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  July 13, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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our court space. >> we were at his home last night. his mother celebrated with family and friends. >> justice for all. i am so pleased and so grateful. it's been almost one month to the day when marman was yanked off a u.s. airways flight. it happened after an employee told him to pull up his pants, complaining it was sagging below his knees. >> my pants were actually not even below my knee autos marman told abc 7 in this interview that crew members repeatedly harassed him, even after he complied. the captain made a citizen's arrest after calling police. marman was jailed on a charge of trespassing. the family has retained a lawyer who says they'll now sue u.s. airway autos we have to deal with criminality aspect in this case. that is now gone. so now we'll go after u.s. air. >> u.s. airways declined to go on camera and issued a statement which says in part this situation has always been
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about a passenger's personal decision, refusing to follow crew member instructions. in the safety ramifications of that decision. now the district attorney says that he saw no evidence of discrimination, which has been a rallying cry among marman supporters. the district attorney says the first two employees of u.s. airways involved in this altercation were in fact african american. >> isn't the naacp involved in this controversy? >> and carolyn, they are. the reverend amos brown, president of a local chapter led that fight against u.s. airways saying that this is an example of racism saying it doesn't matter if the employees were black, white, or any color. he says what he's talking about is institutional racism, he says the airline is guilty of that. >> vick, has there been offers to settle by u.s. airways? >> carolyn, the family says the airline offered free
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passes between san francisco and new mexico, where he is going to school. that was sort of like an informal offer made over the phone. she swear by this, their attorney swears by this. reverend brown swears by this, but the airline told us today on the phone they have made no such offer. the bottom line is that family told me they have not accept nid deal. >> thank you, vick. a group of parking atendants capturing a man who has been suspected of issuing fake parking permits. the attendants say he's been selling fake parking permits in a lot they're supposed to pay for a auto mated machine. police have arrested the fan suspected. >> a labor attorney says he's ready to file a lawsuit against a successful latino supermarket in the bay area. that will claim that they're
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violating labor laws and cheating employees out of money. we're live tonight in san jose. >> that lawsuit will be filed by the end of next month, then, it will include arks kus him of cheating their employees out of overtime and rate pay aichl group of 20 people, including four former workers gathered outside of the supermarket on story road. the signs read "fix me pueblo". >> i was there on time. never called in sick. there are times i had to work 12, 13 hours per day. >> they said they did layoff people in january because of a down turn in january, but insists they treat employees fairly. >> this is part of a larger
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effort, part of the union tactics. it's the same lawyer hired when they tried to do the same thing. >> that attorney admits woe like to seat 21 stores and 3,000 employees represented by the united food and commercial workers. >> this is a benefit in the community and to everybody involved he says he expects 100 employees to join his lawsuit. supporters say right now, many workers feel cheated and are afraid to come forward. >> and they're told this is my situation. but what it can do? i don't want to lose my job. >> there are successful launches of new stores and aloud our camera into this center. we talked with martin gomez, starting as a bagger, now is a cash year, making $10.25 per hour. >> they gave meet opportunity to grow and... cash register
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department. and... so far, my experience has been the best. >> and we don't know how many people will join that lawsuit until it's actually filed. it will be seeking unpaid wages, interest and attorneys' fees. abc 7 news. >> and family and friends pay their final respects today too a central valley man killed in a fishing boat tragedy in mexico. lessy yee is the only confirmed casualty from the incident. today, hundreds gathered in san francisco to remember the bay area native who worked the chronicle for 37 years. his son described his mans a passionate man who would have had something to say about the service. >> he probably would not like this commotion about him. he was a humble guy. well respected within family and frinldz. -- friends z cared for them. he was passionate about many things, fishing being one of
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them, of course. >> yee was with a group of friends from northern california. the fishing boat cap sized in a sudden storm in the sea of cortez a week ago. 36 people made to it shore and seven others are still missing and yesterday, authorities officially called off the search for them. they family and others are hoping efforts to find the missing men will continue. >> three coordinated bombings tore through the heart of mum buy, india today, killing 21 people, injuring 113 others. bombings took place within 11 minutes of one another. and there was a second in the opera house business district. the third bomb exploded in a crowded neighborhood. president obama released a statement condemning attacks. >> american people will stand with the indian people in times of trial. and we'll offer support to india he is efforts to bring perpetrators of the crimes to justice.
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>> there have been no direct claims of responsibility for attacks, the worst to hit since the 2008 siege that killed 166 people. the washington post, though, is reporting that text messages claim attacks were in celebration of a terrorist's birthday. he is a pakistani being held in the 2008 mum buy attacks, the only terrorist captured alive. a huge reversal of fortune for rupert murdock today, dropping it's $12 billion fwoid take over the british broadcasting company, in the wake of a growing phone-hacking scandal. several british newspapers have been accused of hacking into the phones of thousands of people, included are politicians, teen murder victims, families of deceased soldiers and terror victims. there are other accusations of police bribery to get information about the royal family. >> what happened to this company is disgraceful and has got to be addressed at every
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level. they have to sort out the mess they've created. >> british prime minister's former communications manager is among those arrested in this scandal. he said he's putting a judge in charge of the investigation that. will look into whether there are efforts to hack into phone numbers of september 11th victims and today, california senator barbara boxer called for a u.s. investigation into that british hacking scandal. >> spencer christian is here now with a look at the forecast. >> it continues to be rather cool it discontinue to be cool. next 24 hours looking like last 48. early this evening, mainly clear skies and low clouds at the coast. during later evening and overnight hours, clouds increase there, is a chance of drizzle around the bay overnight like last night. also early morning hours, lingering clouds and chance of drizzle, mainly near the coast and around the bay. by mid afternoon, looking at sunny skies inland, once again, like today, and like yesterday
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z will be cool inland with highs into mildest locations only up to about 74 degrees. and changes are coming up and i'll take a look at changes later, larry? carolyn? >> thank you, spencer. >> and u.s. womens' world cup team is living the dream and so are the die-hard fans in the bay area. >> i could see the bay area is foggy. i can see the outline of it. >> our hometown astronaut is keeping an eye on things here. our conversation with the last-ever shuttle crew is on the way. >> and actress curtis makes a wish for a marine come true. a first look at traffic at 4:09 this afternoon, checking out the skyways. southbound traffic is slow and a crawl heading over the bay bridge at this hour. and in that part of town, very, very sluggish, coming back with more on the news at 4:00.
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the tension and magic continued for u.s. womens' world cup team today. i've been authorized to go into sports casting mode by the way. and there is team usa with another goal to beat france, 3-1, advancing to world cup finals. u.s. meeting japan sunday this, squad tries to duplicate the gold medal win by brandy chastain and company in 1999. world cup soccer filled civic center plaza today. the crowd gathered to watch the drama of the semi finals this morning.
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and 200 people braved the cold, foggy weather to catch team usa score that win. >> i play soccer and it's so fun, and then, when you see like all of the professionals playing you're like, i can do that! i can do that. and that just -- like... it's just so exsighting. -- exciting. >> how cute is little hannah there. my goodness. sunday's match will be shown on the big screen at 11:45 a.m. the viewing party is free and there is a soccer skills session for kids, a bouncy house, i'll be there, giants trucks and all of the excitement working up quite an appetite for fans in san francisco. >> terrific. >> and it's not just chickenen nuggets anymore. a dozen restaurants banding together, promising to make childrens' menus healthier. 19 restaurants say they'll focus on increasing servings
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on kid menus. the items will have less fat, sugar and sodium. >> the national restaurant association developed a program to make it easier for restaurants as well as providing a selection of healthier options and make it easy for us as skpairnts kids to try to find options. >> and less healthful foods will still be on the menus but. >> the crew of space shuttle atlantis is halfway through the last mission ever after they return to earth on thursday, atlantis will be retired. abc 7 talked to the crew today. among them, specialist rex wallheim of san carlos. the wake up song today "rocket man" from elton john. waits time to get down to business, bringing supplies to the space station, carrying away trash for a return to
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earth. >> it's mostly broken things that need to go back into the ground. they want to know why it failed to make it better. >> the history making shuttle carries witness a yub universe of emotion. pride and also a major tug at heart strings. shuttle is no more, as a touchdown, next week. >> after getting back down to the ground it's going to hit us hard. i think we're going to have a hard time leaving the shuttle to do this walk around. >> there are going to be no more shuttles who fly, what becomes of someone who is known for his flying on the shuttle? >> it's now complete. we can end the assembly phase. now, we can do that ground breaking research to find new ways to treat diseases, and find out ways to help us to be able to stay in space, longer z couple days ago i had a chance to see california from space again. i can see the bay area, it was
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foggy, but i can see the outline line of it. i was a kid looking at the airplanes and dreaming of flying one day. here i am at international space station. it's just amazing. if i can do it, anyone can do it. >> and nasa may be wrapping up missions but goitsing to continue to try to get astronauts to an asteroid and on to mars in the decade after that. and the ship is going to be on display at the kennedy space center in florida. >> this was a day maybe to think about putting on a parka. >> this is july. >> it's unusual. how is that? there is where you can see west from our eeflt bay hills camera, clouds are stacked up
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at the coast and in fact they've provided cloud cover for a good portion of the peninsula now. clouds extending locally, that is the pattern we've seen yesterday and the day before. right now, temperatures of 59 in san francisco and half moon bay. and there is wind, windy again, today and there are strong gusts today, 26 miles per hour at sfo. 18 miles per hour winds at san jose. 17 miles per hour gusts in mountain view. and 30 miles per hour in fairfield. so you get the picture, it's windy around the bay area, cloudy again overnight tonight. areas of drizzle overnight and throughout morning hours, and temperatures will remain below normal next couple days we don't see warming until sunday. satellite shows per sis sent clouds lingering near the coast today and again, moving out over the peninsula.
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and mainly sunny skies, and overnight tonight looking for clouds to spread inland again. low temperatures will be a little bit lower than last night. into low to mid-50s but still, mild overnight periods. water vapor shows a low pressure system showing you yesterday is moving inland. and the trauf and jet stream is still providing a cool pattern for us holding for the next several days so again we'll see warming on sunday, tomorrow, high temperatures into south bay ranging from upper 60s to low 70s, and mainly mid to upper 60s on the peninsula. 68 palo alto. and downtown san francisco, a high of 60 tomorrow, 57 into sunset district. north bay highs from 67 to 71 in sonoma. and 77 in cloverdale. near east bay highs into 60s, 66 union city. 67 castro valley. inland upper 60s in pleasanton. low 60s or low to mid-60s in
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other locations and near monterey bay, 68 in watsonville. 70 santa cruz. mid-70s inland. here in the accu-weather forecast, same weather we've had today going to hold, we'll see warmer conditions sunday z then, by monday, inland highs into mid-80s and upper 70s around the bay. and at this point probably hear... when is it going to cool down? oor we that difficult? >> no. >> you're fine. >> okay. >> and all right. and an tress says yes to a marine. >> retirement does not suit oprah more from rachel smith. >> we're learning more details about the halle barry stalker case. after causing much fear, the man is now charged with felony stalking arks rested outside of her home monday. authorities say it was the third time he'd been there in three days. oprah winfrey making her cable
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network more of her own announcing she will take on titles of ceo, and chief creative officer. the former ceo was let go because of disappointing ratings. and the parents of a u.s. marine she accepted a date before. she asked her what she learned of in a promo interview with justin timberlake. >> he invited you to the marine corps ball that is in november. >> november what? >> i don't know. >> i'll go. >> milla's publicist has not commented. the soldier said he heard from her staff. to see it on video go to >> a survey reveals the most-expensive city in the world for x pack. >> also, a southern california reporter and her crew get
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drenched and the wrong place at the wrong time. we'll show you then, later at 5:00 a ray of hope is dashed for families of children with autism. tonight lawmakers want to know why insurance companies refuse to pay for a successful therapy. >> looking live at traffic conditions on 680 right now. moving nicely. you can see it's breezy out there. spencer says gusts are 25 miles per hour. stay with us. we'll be righthththththththththt
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have you ever wondered what is the most expensive
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city for expatriots? it's looking at how much it costs to maintain a western life style. in angola you pay $28 for a new cd, $20 for a club sandwich and a soda and $7,000 per month for a western style two bedroom apartment. coming in at number two is tokyo. and that is followed by chaz and pakistan is the cheapest. new york is the costliest american city, ranking 32 world wide follow bid los angeles and san francisco, coming in at 106th place in the world. winston, salem and portland oregon are the least expensive places in the us use san francisco just feels more expensive than $106. reporters keel with more situations down the field. this woman reporting on a wildfire when a helicopter drenched her and her crew saturday. they weren't hurt. and the crew got the fire
4:25 pm
under control. and there is one reporting tip. when you hear the chopper, look up. she's smiling bit, so not too bad. >> she had her property fire gear on. >> yes. >> and just ahead in the 4:30 afternoon hour, one of the dangerous city blocks. >> and there is a smell sickening people in one community. >> low clouds moving inland again. they'll be here for a chill. i'll have more on the forecast coming up. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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president ob yaum is folding the fall season -- with sentiment like that igts no surprise there is no deal in washington in raising the nation's debt ceiling. >> but there is agreement on allowing the u.s. to fault on debt would be catastrophic. mark matthews is working the city in the newsroom. you took a look at what this wrangling means for people in the bay area, what did they tell you?. >> u.s. default on its debt woz drive up rates could cause massive disruption in the bond and stock markets f congress does refuse to raise the limit, the likely scenario will be that the u.s. will continue to pay interest on money bory bud
4:29 pm
to do that, they'll have to make cuts in domestic spending. fear over what could happen to the stock market is creeping closer as august 2 deadline approach autos there are 200 families we work within the bay area with maybe 20 calls of concern. >> this financial advisor says about one in 10 of the clients are getting nervous enough to call. >> these are people i would say are pre-retirees. they are fear oofl on capitol hill, it's frustration more than fear. negotiators are criticizing themselves. >> this convinced us of anything, it's is that we can't leave to it politicians to make the difficult decisions they need to get our fiscal house in order. >> congress agree there's is a problem but no agreement on a solution, republicans insisting no new taxes, even on wealthyest. and democrats are still resisting cuts to social
4:30 pm
security and medicare. some tea party favorites deny a crisis exists. >> i know i'm raising the debt ceiling now. >> this republican presidential candidate is backing a bill prioritize spending. pay military salaries first, then principal and interest on the debt. there is no mention of what would not get paid. >> president obama is holding the season for the united states hostage so he can continue a spending free. >> frustration is evident at the white house. >> some seem to believe that this is not a serious and consequential situation. >> the new york stock exchange has not tanked over fierce but after the market closed this afternoon, the rating agency announced it's purting the u.s. on review for a possible down grading in there is not substantial progress on the debt deal coming up in the next week. >> mark what are the money
4:31 pm
managers telling their clients? are they worried about this? >> we heard from bruce jessa. he says there are owe calls out of the 200 families he finances for. he says in one case, the woman got so panicky. she sold everything and started to put money in real estate and paid a substantial penalty. like $100,000 in order to do that. he's counseling people to stay calm. there is time to make a deal. so the most of the money market managers talked to today. >> thank you. >> and a 19-year-old menlo park woman has life threatening injuries. this is the latest in a string of crimes police say could be gang related. we are live tonight. >> you know we've just learn thatd woman who was the victim in this case sustained a serious sun shot -- gunshot
4:32 pm
wound to the head. there are no suspects in this shooting and no arrests. >> this scope is wide open at this point. >> the shooting happened just after 2:00 this morning. police say the victim was sitting in a parked car with two men and say two other men in dark clothing aapproached on foot, firing handguns. it's not clear who they were shooting at. neighbors tell us a neighborhood is home to a couple drug houses and say they're convinced this was gang related. police are looking for gang connections in last month's fatal shooting of a 3-month-old baby. tonight the lawyer denied he's in a gang or he pulled a trigger. police say they have tron believe both after a lengthy interrogation. >> it's an eight-hour statement but he denied firin firing... any weapon that day. >> is he a member of a gang? >> to my knowledge, he's not.
4:33 pm
i did not see allegations about that. >> what do you think about what happened today? >> very no words. >> the baby's mother, who was hurt in this shooting had le little to say, but told reporters she can now get around without the help of a wheelchair. she and her family were in court today. as a plea of not guilty was entered. sargoza will be tried as an adult though he's only 17. police say they believe he mistook the baby's family for rival gang members. live in east palo alto, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and the tender loin is one of san francisco's toughest areas but residents of the first block near market complain of the drug deals and assaults occurring there on a daily basis. an analysis found violent crime is 35% higher than the rest of the city and eight
4:34 pm
times higher than the rest of the area. >> i've seen people pull up in a station wagon. this job is selling drugs in the first block. >> despite the high crime rate, the tender loin police station lost almost 30% of the pors. the residents urged the city toin crease the number of cops and enforce liquor store regulations to help reduce crime. >> some residents are complaining the smell of rotting eggs returned to their neighborhood them. complain btd odor when a nearby sewage treatment plan released sulfide. officials forced the plant to truck awaste to another location. air quality officials say it could be caused by the waste. >> it doesn't smell good. it doesn't smell healthy or safe. it smells like sewer. >> it's a different smell. you know? the smell is... unique.
4:35 pm
and i have smelled it off and on many years i think i can identify it. >> the plant's operators released this statement, saying quote, there is no data to support the recent assertion that odors are originating from the plant. >> and drivers faced delays after a truck dropped a load of dirt and rocks along a freeway today stretching several hundred feet along northbound u.s. 101 around 11:30 this morning between woodside road and whipple avenue. back up stretching several miles into menlo park. >> and still ahead, efforts to make san francisco's busy shopping district more relaxing. >> a healthy edition of the oakland zoo is now underway. >> and traffic now on the golden gate bridge. you can see cars coming into the city in the far left lanes. they're arriving quickly. traffic heading across the
4:36 pm
bridge moving well, as well oo. spencer is here now with a look at the traffic forecast. >> air traffic moving along but it's a slow go on two coasts. once again, delays between two hours and two and a half hours because of low clouds and there is traffic moving nicely, thunderstorms are causing delays up to half hour at atlanta, miami, 45 minutes and half hour each at two washington, d.c. airports and new york area, experiencing from an hour to hour 15 minute delays because of thunderstorms. back with more weather on the local forecast as abc 7 news
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>> if you've walk add long powell street, you know how crowded it can get. there is a solution, a new pedestrian pod. they're creating more walking space and give people a chance to sop stop, take in the sights without blocking the sidewalk. >> there are benches and landscaping. and there is is are tables people can stop, having coffee. >> it's estimated about 100,000 people and will be
4:40 pm
offered in this part of union square. >> a new veterinary hospital will open at oakland zoo. prot jekt gets underway, with 17,000 square foot hospital is designed to treat a variety of animals from a camel to a turtle. when finished it will be able to take care of more than 600 animals, construction expected to take about 14 months. >> and still ahead what's happening in washington also wall street rallied today. >> using bad judgment on my part. >> and talking about what he's trying to do when he slipped. [ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. brace yourself for the big, bold taste tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. the baseball fan who fell from bleachers during monday night's home run derby says no question, he made a bad decision, he was standing on a table at chase field when it appears he slipped going for a ball there. his brother and friends caught him and pulled them up. it looked like they knew he was leaning over. this happened a week after a fire fighter, shannon stone died after falling from a ballpark. carmichael caught three other balls mond night, telling "good morning america" he got caught up in excitement. >> what were you think something. >> in the moment.
4:44 pm
people, i don't think they understand the home run derby is pretty big thing. >> the look in my brother's face, my friend's face just appeared... you know can we hold on to this guy? i'm 250 pounds. >> i wasn't let going. that is a brother's love. >> and carmichael gave away one of the balls and is selling other two, giving money to shannon stone's family. >> nice gesture there. >> and wall street was in the middle of a big rally today. it got hit with a trickle down affect from washington. >> stocks higher late in the day. take a look. the dow, s and p and nasdaq all in the green. stocks on concern lawmakers will face to raise the debt limit. and megarally early in the session thanks to this man, telling congress that the fed is prepared to respond, and says central bank will take
4:45 pm
additional action. and general election's ceo announcing the company plans to add 15,000 u.s. jobs, adding the company is seeing good global demands, and net flix signing an agreement with nbc universal under the agreement right to movies and tv shows including office and thirty rock but will be on a one-season delay basis. thises is aub sushers are outraged at yesterday's price hike. >> and still to come, more legal problems for casey anthonny. she's been cleared on murder charges and set to get out of jail this weekend. >> and having trouble getting a loan? maybe a perfect stranger will help out. one small business benefited from peer to peer loans and we'll show what you you need to look out for, ahead. >> and later a popular grocery
4:46 pm
chain brings back an old staple at the check out. employees have an edge over tech nochlgt xixixixixi=ñ=ñ=ñ=ñ=@
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4:49 pm
peer to peer lending has been around several years, but it's caught on in the last year. >> and you can get higher returns than you can by investing in traditional places like banks but there are risks here and michael finney is here with some of them. >> have you heard about this? >> yes. >> it's way cool. >> yes. >> let me explain this just a little bit. peer to peer lending between you invest directly with an individual there. is no middle man, no banks. just an internet company to facilitate the transaction. for a long time, nancy parker dreamed of opening a motorcycle shop with her husband. >> sometimes you kind of get comfortable in jobs and don't think about that bucket list
4:50 pm
item you wanted to do. >> and the recession hit, she thought it's the perfect time to start the business. she needed to quickly get a loan. she turned to peer to peer lending. >> olden days, small banks loaned to mom and pop shops, this is a modern day small bank, which is in the interweb autos peer to peer or person to person internet sigs like lending club take out the middle man, bank or other financial institution, expeediting the process. and individuals like you can choose to invest as little as $25 or as much as $30,000. >> i wrote an essay of why i needed the loan kind of from background on the business. >> in 13 days nancy raised $20,000 from 225 anonymous investors from hawaii to rhode island. and scott sandborn is the
4:51 pm
chief marketing officer. >> in the past year, business is up as a whole, 125% year over year. >> in fact as i march, 2011 they have made 63,000 loans totalling approximately $475 million. lending club and prosper claim the average investor is able to net 9%. >> i typically invest in home improvement loans and renewable energy loans and favorites are wedding expenses and vacations. >> two years ago, he first invested about $5,000 in several peer to peer loans, but he says such success that he now invests about $65,000 in 1500 different loans but it's important to understand the risks. as in any personal loans not backed by collateral, lenders risk losing their principal
4:52 pm
and borrowers face risks like unfair lending and collection practices. that said, nancy parker is thankful for the new type of lending. >> we bailed out banks. the banks tightened lending processes. we're not going to grow by not lending. >> so, now, it's not just big bank that's can make big returns on loans and bor yesers have accessed cash that most recently have pretty much dried up. >> yes. it's interesting. >> and thank you, michael. >> and it's not just an old wife's tale. it's so hot in parts of the country you can fly an egg. >> take a look at this man in oklahoma cooking an egg on a car dash board. a thrt of 180 degrees. the process took about an hour. 108? >> and it was delicious! >> we have no such issues
4:53 pm
here. >> no. >> and bank goodness. >> our weather is cool. cloudy again overnight tonight. some drizzle developing in areas during overnight hours. so like a pattern we've seen, temperatures remaining below normal, will do so throughout saturday. we start to warm up on sunday. satellite this afternoon showing clouds cling together coastline and moving out over the peninsula and across the bay locally. sunny skies inland and that is a pattern we're going to see tomorrow. there is a is low to mid-50s overnight tonight. our satellite image shows why there is this type of weather. low pressure system sliding to our north, eastward, pushing inland and there is a is a
4:54 pm
cool pattern holding for quite a few more days. there is clouds clinging to the coast. high temperatures into the range similar to today's range, upper 50s near the coast. low to mid-70s inland. and there is we low average for livermore. you'll see 60s ash the bay. 58 degrees in half moon bay. owe to our south, highs into 60s to about 70 near the bay. there is mid-70s inland. accu-weather forecast is thursday, friday, saturday, highs into mid-70s around the bay mid to upper 60s and only mid to upper 50s on the coast. sunday starting to warm up up to about 80 degrees, mid-80s inland. by monday, and tuesday, wednesday, 90 degrees into
4:55 pm
warmest spots inland. and there is wernl looking good. >> the body of former first lady betty ford arrived for tomorrow's funeral. >> thousands of people lined the streets to pay respects as the hearst passed by by. >> a public viewing will be held there later tonight and there is a is a national contributite thursday. >> she will be bury add longside her husband. >> casey anthony slated for a release from jail this sunday after being found got knot guilty. another legal battle may be just beginning. >> the texas-based company that letd the search is now suing anthonny.. >> reporter: with hundreds of volunteers in summer, swait, they had an urnlent mission. find caylee anthonny. they
4:56 pm
didn't know is that 2-year-old was already dead a cording to her mother, she'd drowned in the family pool. and wednesday, she was served in jail. equisearch wants her to pay $112,000 spent in vain to find the toddler. >> this is moneys that need to go to family that's need us. we're doing that search we had some -- several families that called in and really needed our help. we had to turn them down. >> she will be released from jail sunday what. her future hold has been fodder for headlines. "chicago sun-times" reporting she is to live in disguise. washington post saying she may change her name for protection. and tuesday, investigators and prosecutors spend three years for a case against anthony defended their investigation. >> i have a 3-year-old
4:57 pm
granddaughter. and it's disturbing. >> alongside the team, a giant poster of little caylee. they urged everyone to remember the real victim in this case. and thanks for joining us. the news at 5:00 continues now. >> there is word of a break through for families fighting to get treatment for their children with autism. >> and there is a local store chain making a move to make it faster, easier for to you check out and pay. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jenning autos i'm dan ashley. there was a tearful goodbye
4:58 pm
today to a bay area fisherman who lost his life after a charter boat sank in the sea of cortez. >> lesliey was the only one whose body was fouchbltd he several other california men are still missing. >> he said his father lived for 15 hours after the boat went down. and holding on to a cooler with two other survivors. and this exhaustion was too much. the 63-year-old worked hard as a delivery man. his family convinced him to go on a fishing trip with friends. woe never return. >> he probably won't like this big commotion about him. and he was a humble guy. >> today, families said he was passionate about many things, giants, 49ers and fishing.
4:59 pm
>> he loved his family. we'll remember him, the guy very witty and showed a lot of compassion for people. >> and the boat went down quickly with, no warning after being hit by a rogue wave at 2:00 on the morning of july 3. seven men, mostly from northern california are still missing. among them, craig's brother, brian. gary said he last saw him holding on to a railing and gary was underwater with only one thought. >> if i went to the surface, i'm going to die that. is the last thing i was thinking i'm going to die. it felt like a lifetime before get together surface. i had no life vest. brian had a life vest. i saw that. >> the u.s. coast guard called off a search yesterday


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